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Our conference is exceptionally affordable for librarians, thanks to the generous sponsorship from vendors, product providers, and other libraries and institutions.

We have a number of benefits for sponsors at varying levels. Want to find out more?


For Vendors & Service Providers

Above: Some of our past partners.

We have a wide variety of sponsorship levels to suit organizations of any size and budget, including in-kind sponsorship opportunities for start-ups.

From presenting partner perks to special event sponsorship, we'll help you find a way to take part in The Collective to showcase your support of cutting-edge, innovative library professionals.

Here's what our past sponsors have to say:

“The Collective allows us to break down traditional barriers when it comes to engagement between publishers, librarians as well as the various roles within the Library. The resulting surge of innovation regarding professional development among colleagues, both publishers and librarians alike, is one you should not miss.”
— Laura Berg & Marta Kwiatek-Collins, SAGE Publishing
Yes! We need more conversations like the ones happening at The Collective, where librarians and product providers really talk to one another!
— 2019 Sponsor
We have been a keen participant and a core sponsor from the very start. The COLLECTIVE affords an outstanding opportunity to interact with members of all levels across the library community, including key decision makers and current and future thought leaders in the industry. It also lends insights and direction to where the industry is heading, and what future forms may present themselves in future.

Bottom line, it’s very unique in its structure and offers tremendous value for the cost to the publisher. We recommend supporting it, for these reasons, and also for the betterment and future direction of the library community.
— Strategic Accounts Executive, Gale - A Cengage Company
As someone who was a librarian and now works for a vendor, I love how you create an environment where vendors get to feel like partners, not the enemy.
— 2019 Sponsor
The Collective provides a unique and impactful networking event that provides an avenue for learning, sharing and thoughtful collaboration for those interested in active participation and partnership within the library and vendor communities. Without a doubt, we look forward to it every year.
— ACS Publications
As a vendor, I appreciate that the Collective challenges the librarian-vendor relationship—it gives me an opportunity to learn from librarians rather than talk at them.
— 2019 Sponsor

For Institutions

Above: Some of our past institutional sponsors.

Your sponsorship can do great things to help us transform the library professional development landscape and we have special perks designed especially for institutions who'd like to send a team of librarians to experience The Collective.


We invite you to join us on our mission to:



You won’t see celebrity keynotes or photo opportunities at The Collective. In fact, we charge the same, low registration rate to all attendees, even our own organizers! That’s because we believe celebrity culture is for tabloids, not conferences. We strive to make ethical, cost-effective, and eco-friendly spending decisions. And whenever possible, we also use small, local businesses.





We believe our ideas and model can be adapted throughout the profession so that professional development moves away from tired, expensive models into new modes of scholarly communication and learning. That’s why we have documented and shared our conference creation ideas in an open access article and are developing year-round opportunities to mentor and educate librarians.



Because we are a true not-for-profit, we don’t take more sponsorship than we need and we only accept small sponsorship compared to our conference competitors. When vendors are asked to pay large sponsorship fees for library conferences, those costs are eventually recouped through more expensive product licenses sold back to the libraries. Ultimately, large expensive conferences cost libraries money and offer little in the way of genuine skill-building and professional development.



Often conferences can feel like tithing—for a line on one’s CV, for a chance to talk to colleagues and build a professional reputation, or to take part in bait-and-switch sessions that don’t deliver real takeaways. We’re trying to change all of that through our rigorous programming, interactive format, and hands-on workshops that are without additional (“pre-conference” type) fees. Sponsorship of The Collective is a vote for this kind of cost-effective and valuable professional development.

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