Accessibility & Inclusion at Our Events

A convener uses a mic to present at The Collective.

A convener uses a mic to present at The Collective.

The Collective annual gathering and all events coordinated by The Library Collective celebrate diversity and inclusion and encourage participation from underrepresented groups. We are strongly committed to accessibility and equity for all participants, staff, and volunteers.

Standard Access & Accommodations

The following resources are standard at our events:

  • mandatory microphone use by all speakers;

  • ADA compliant/wheelchair accessible buildings and restrooms;

  • service and therapy dog admittance;

  • dietary options for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets;

  • and required accessibility training for all session conveners.

We can also provide the following accommodations when requested in advance, ideally at the time of registration for the event and no later than four weeks before:

  • ASL interpreters

  • Closed captioning

  • Advance accessible copies of session materials. (We encourage all presenters to make these available via Sched but can assure early access for those who request it.)

If these accommodations do not meet your specific needs, please let us know so that we may make best efforts for an inclusive and positive experience for you. All requests will be held in strict confidentiality.

Additional Efforts

As part of our commitment to these values, we use the OpenCon Conference Planning Report for event planning and can check most, if not all, of the boxes on their Conference Planning Checklist. Here are a few examples: 

  • We stand behind our open and transparent three-step programming process that includes both an open, public suggestion and voting period and a blind peer review aimed at curtailing bias.

  • We are uniquely low-cost, even in comparison to our peers, in order to attract a diverse array of attendees.

  • We support a robust Code of Conduct and provide a dedicated quiet space at our event.

  • Our official hotel and event venues are ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible and we offer a complimentary shuttle to any location within 3 miles of our annual gathering’s official hotel.

  • We conduct a required accessibility and inclusion training for all of our session conveners and provide them with guidelines and resources for accessible sessions and presentation materials.

  • We invite all participants to share any special needs or accommodations in our registration process and do our very best to meet them. In the past, these have included providing a nursing room for new mothers.

In short, if you have or perceive a need that we haven't already met, just ask!