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Redefining library professional development since 2014. 


Supporting education and innovation.



Geared towards librarians, archivists, and library staff at academic libraries, our programming brings together next-generation practitioners who wish to learn from and collaborate with one another at an annual gathering and other year-round events.

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All of our events and workshops emphasize thoughtful, in-depth discussion and hands-on activities over lecture-style presentations. No sage on a stage or keynotes for us!

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Born out of frustration by the lack of tangible skills and takeaways at many conferences, our events are designed as low-cost, high-impact gatherings to encourage collaboration and sharing among practicing librarians creating innovative work.

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Join the Revolution

We're a volunteer-run organization, so come on and help us out! Also, we consider imitation a form of flattery and are happy to share our knowledge with other groups and organizations hoping to re-energize libraries as time permits.

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Useful. Fun. Affordable.

It is possible to have all three in a single event. Don't believe us? Check out what past attendees had to say.