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The Library Collective is an all-volunteer organization--by librarians, for librarians! If you're hip to what we're doing, help out by joining one of our teams. There are many ways to get involved!

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Don't have a lot of time? You can still help out as a dine around host, pub crawl host, or community notetaker while attending The Collective! Sign up here.


An impressive line for your CV.

Networking with a rad group of librarians.

Changing the face of professional development for everyone by helping to make it more fun, affordable, and useful!


Filled — Peer Reviewer

Peer Reviewers are an essential part of our programming process. Their blind reviewing is what helps ensure top-quality, diverse programming with as little bias as possible. We look for about a dozen reviewers each year, from a range of libraries or library-service providers.


  • Employed as a librarian on the front lines or working for a library service provider in a position that is highly knowledgeable of library products and resources.

  • Sorry, graduate students who have never held a full-time library position are not eligible.

  • Willingness to provide constructive, critical feedback to peers while respecting the blind review process.

  • Willingness to identify and alert team leader of any possible conflicts of interest.

  • Strong preference for those who have attended The Collective before.

Total Time Commitment

6-8 hours reading proposals and writing reviews.

Filled — Community Notes Coordinator

Community Notes are the core of our event documentation. They are collaborative, open documents that encourage attendees to collaborate and document each session. The Community Notes coordinator is responsible for creating starter documents for each session, soliciting and assigning volunteers to take notes during each session via Sched (our online Scheduling software), and communicating with note-taking volunteers with instructions and helpful tips.


  • Detail-oriented and highly organized individual who likes working with others.

  • Knows his/her way through Google Docs like a boss.

  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively via email.

  • Strong preference for those who have attended The Collective before.

Total Time Commitment

6-8 hours preparation and willingness to be "on call" during the Collective gathering for questions or problems.

New! — Writing Team

In 2019, LibCol is launching a new online community and newsletter, chock full of interviews and inspiring content. We’re looking for librarians with something to say to contribute content in the form of conversational tone articles, posts, edited interviews, and tool reviews for this community.


  • Excellent written communication skills.

  • Boss-level grammar and spelling abilities.

  • Sassy, fun, and informative writing style.

  • Tolerance for risk-taking and ability to consider an issue from multiple perspectives.

  • Willingness to accept constructive criticism from Programming Team leads.

Total Time Commitment

Hours are flexible and variable but the ideal candidates can commit to no less than 2 short to mid-length articles/posts per month and one longer feature each quarter.

Filled — Dine Around Coordinator

The Dine Around Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the logistics of one of our most popular social activities. S/he will solicit hosts, make reservations at Knoxville restaurants, monitor sign-ups via our Google form, and confirm details for each dine-around via email for all participants and hosts. S/he will also be on-site the night of the dine-arounds to ensure each participant can easily find his/her host.


  • Outgoing, not afraid to make phone calls or send emails to strangers.

  • Organized like a boss.

  • Foodie skills appreciated but not required.

  • Residence in Knoxville not required but should be familiar with downtown area and restaurants.

  • Must have previously participated in a LibCol dine around.

Total Time Commitment

10-15 planning/coordinating hours spread out over several weeks/months.

Arrival in Knoxville one-night before dine arounds; participation on site.


Filled — Volunteer Street Team

Volunteer Street Team members are the core of The Collective as the event is happening and they help convene our online Communities of Practice year-round. They help with the swag bag assembly, staffing the registration table, and otherwise helping the event to run smoothly. While they are "on duty" during the event, they get to attend many sessions as well.


  • Outgoing and personable.

  • Willingness to talk to strangers.

  • Observant -- can "see" what need to get done and takes initiative.

  • Adaptable/flexible—willing to roll with changes.

  • Excellent problem-solving skills.

  • Great discussion facilitators.

  • Strong presentation and communication skills.

Total Time Commitment

2-5 hours per month throughout the year.

Arrival in Knoxville one-night before dine-arounds for short in-person training; participation on site during event.

Filled — Tinker Lab Volunteer

The TinkerLab is a pop-up "makerspace"-ish place at The Collective, with equipment demos curated and staffed by librarians. Volunteers help select purchases, plan and coordinate the space, and staff the space during the event. (Volunteers typically "switch out" so that they also get to attend sessions!)


  • Interest in makerspace/tinker technology.

  • Sense of curiosity and fun.

  • Team player.

  • Commitment to spending 2-4 hours each day in the TinkerLab.

Total Time Commitment

Arrival in Knoxville one-night before dine-arounds to be available for setup; 5-10 planning/virtual collaboration hours spread out over several weeks/months; participation on site.

Filled — Events Team Coordinator & Volunteers

The rockin' opening night reception is part of what makes The Collective an unforgettable experience. To make the magical night possible, we rely on an Events Team, complete with a Team Leader, to make sure the night runs smoothly. This group is responsible for the event setup (including decor/centerpiece design), sponsor signage, monitoring the arrival of the band and caterer, and event breakdown/cleanup.


  • Passion for live event coordination.

  • Great eye for decor and style.

  • Teamwork and positive attitude.

  • Excellent problem-solving skills.

  • Strong familiarity with Knoxville area or residency in or around the Knoxville area preferred.

Total Time Commitment

10-15 planning/coordinating hours spread out over several weeks/months (Team Lead Only).

Total commitment (6-8 hours) on the day/night of the actual event.

Filled — Media & Marketing Team

Our website, social media, and marketing materials are all made in house...and we have even more ideas we want to explore if we have enough capable hands! Wanna use your mad skillz in social media, photography, video, or audio to help document and celebrate the work we do? Join the revolution!


  • Expertise in graphic design, audio, video, or photography.

  • Playful aesthetic and sense of humor.

  • Open to constructive criticism.

  • Commitment to meeting deadlines as needed.

Total Time Commitment

Variable, but we'd love to have a volunteer willing to commit to 5+ hours per month and/or total commitment to the event when on-site.