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How do we program The Collective?

We invite library practitioners to propose sessions to see at The Collective and, just as importantly, to participate in our transparent decision-making process using our Round One Forum during the Summer/Fall before the gathering. After the public process closes, proposals undergo a double-blind peer review in Round Two, followed by a third and final review by the Programming Committee.

Wanna see what our past events and sessions have looked like?

Each gathering for The Collective revolves around a theme.

2020 Theme: Roll For Initiative


Forty-five years after its first publication, Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is experiencing a wild resurgence in popularity. Acolytes will tell you about the team-building, problem-solving, empathy-building, and imagination-expanding benefits of the game, which they argue can lead to more connectivity, creativity, and compassion in individuals.

In tabletop games like D&D that are ruled by dice, a roll determines the success or failure of any action like attacks, spells, or gaining vital information about the fantasy world. “Roll for initiative” is the iconic phrase that kicks off every combat sequence. Rolling for initiative establishes who will go first in the fight but it can also be thought of more broadly as a means of taking action, stepping up, and bravely volunteering to solve a problem or move forward with the story that you and your quest-mates will tell. In this larger sense, we invite you to “roll for initiative” with your session proposals for the Collective 2020.

While proposals need not make reference to D&D or gaming, we hope this year’s session ideas will connect with the broader themes evoked by D&D and the theme’s title, including but not limited to storytelling, improvisation, role-playing, innovation, creativity, empathy-building, and the many other ways librarians are taking initiative in their libraries.

Key Dates & Timeline

June 10 - August 2  -  ROUND ONE FORUM OPEN

August 19 - Invitations to Round Two

September 9 - Round Two Proposals Due

September - October - Peer Review

November 4 - Program Announced & REGISTRATION OPEN


March 11-13, 2020 - LibCol 2020 CONVENES in Knoxville, TN