How do we program The Collective?

We invite library practitioners to propose sessions to see at The Collective and, just as importantly, to participate in our transparent decision-making process using our Round One Forum during the Summer/Fall before the gathering. After the public process closes, proposals undergo a double-blind peer review in Round Two, followed by a third and final review by the Programming Committee.

Wanna see what our past events and sessions have looked like?

Each gathering for The Collective revolves around a theme.

2019 Theme: Stand & Deliver


A Retro Theme in Honor of Our 5th Anniversary!

You (probably) know the movie...and once you’ve seen it, you can’t forget that inspiring teacher, Jaime Escalante, oh, and the film’s awesome 80s hair.

Like great teaching, great librarianship requires not just bodacious hair but often bold risk-taking, innovation, a crazy commitment to students/users, and perhaps even some pissing people off to prove those crusty-dusty critics and naysayers wrong. So, for 2019, inspired by this oldie-but-goodie film, we ask you to consider some of the many questions this theme inspires, such as:

  • How are you “going off book” with your services, instruction, spaces, archives, research...?

  • How have you found new, engaging, and appealing ways of delivering our timeless values (i.e. the right information to the right user at the right time) to reluctant or cynical audiences?

  • How are you delivering—to the profession, to your own hopes/dreams, to the communities you serve?

  • How are you speaking truth to power?

  • How are you showing your users what libraries stand for?

  • How are you listening to and helping others stand and deliver when called upon?

In other words, we challenge librarians submitting proposals to consider the many ways YOU are a part of making our profession awesome!

‘80s references in session proposals are not required but encouraged.

Key Dates & Timeline

June 11 - August 3  -  ROUND ONE FORUM OPEN

August 20 - Invitations to Round Two

September 10 - Round Two Proposals Due

September - October - Peer Review

November 5 - Program Announced & REGISTRATION OPEN